Creative Copywriter


Hey, we’re Together, a creative agency that helps technology companies connect with their customers. We create brands, products and websites that are seen by millions of people around the world. But enough about us, this is about you.

You’re a copywriter thinking of joining the team. You love what you do and are constantly striving to break new ground. You excel at defining the way companIes expresses themselves through words. You’re an excellent communicator ready to work closely with our Creative Director to articulate the soul of a brand. Technology products are your kinda thing and you love working with passionate clients looking to make big things happen.

Something tells us that...
  • You're a true creative and experienced. You believe in the power of stories, and how they can be used to make companies feel human and relatable.

  • You're the best type of conversationalist. You start a conversation by listening, you ask the right questions and get the right answers.

  • You understand how to sell. Great copy isn't just a bunch of nice-sounding words. You know how to craft a message that makes people act.

  • You're a people person. You know what people want to hear, and how to say it to them.

  • Your a stickler for spelling and grammar. That mistake better be annoying you.

  • You love creating personalities. You understand what how to create a charming, informative tone of voice that speaks directly to the reader. And you know how to dress words for different audiences.

  • You're a ruthless reporter. Interviewing clients, running workshops and extracting the facts are your specialties.

  • You're great with directions. No I'm not talking about maps. You write copy that helps humans understand and navigate products and apps.

  • You can write for any audience. You understand the nuances of working with B2B and B2C companies.

  • You appreciate how copy flows with design. You’re ready to work in hand in hand with our creative team to ensure copy and design work harmoniously with one another.

There are also a few perks
  • Flexible work, forever

  • Competitive salary

  • Choose-your-own tech setup

  • Unlimited holiday when you need it

  • A budget for learning

  • Team socials

Sound like you?