Retail minus the guesswork.

We partnered with the  EDITED marketing team to deliver a new conversion-focused marketing website.


EDITED helps the world’s best retailers drive sales by eliminating guesswork. Their Retail Decision Platform uses A.I. to optimise buying and merchandising decisions, ensuring retailers get their product and prices right every time. Their platform tracks data on over 2billion + SKUs globally, across fashion, apparel, and beauty. Used daily by over 42,000 retail professionals, their customers include Zara, boohoo, PUMA, John Lewis.
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Our role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Experience Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Automation

Beyond fashion.

These days, EDITED is the leading Retail Data Platform for large retailers operating across the US and UK. When we met, their team was about to launch two entirely new verticals:beauty and home. To do so successfully, they knew EDITED needed to tell its story in a way that was immediately relevant to anyone in retail.





Hello Summer

RGB 84 200 239


Violet Mix

RGB 172 171 207


Power Peony

RGB 222 128 173


Brewed Mustard

RGB 231 137 99

HEX #E78963


Putting the focus on the product

Bringing this story to life meant shining a spotlight on their product. But, making analytics dashboards relevant to prospects can be a real challenge — Regular screenshots rarely do the job. The new EDITED brand is a modern take on their widely-recognised identity and now features a collection of high-fidelity platform reconstructions, each cropped and zoomed to provide far greater context than ever before.

A first class mobile experience

No longer should mobile users feel a second class citizen. Not only is the EDITED website responsive, but we developed a first class mobile experience so potential visitors can experience EDITED in all it's glory.