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We partnered with flatfair to create a brand identity and marketing website that would support their explosive growth across the UK.


flatfair is a high-growth PropTech startup that combines the most effective UK government deposit schemes with smart technology to make renting more affordable for tenants, more profitable for landlords and more efficient for agents and institutions. Their team recently raised $11m in a funding round led by Index Ventures, one of the largest venture capital firms in the world.
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Our role

  • Brand Application
  • Art Direction
  • Experience Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Standing-out from the crowd.

When we first met the flatfair team, they had just closed their Seed Round and their service that was being used by tenants and agents across the UK. Our objective was to create a website that would dramatically increase their customer acquisition rate, and a design a brand that would visually differentiate them from competitors.

Untitled Serif




Deep Denim

RGB 103 133 255

HEX #6785FF


RGB 0 203 184


Tangerine Cream

RGB 255 160 136


Honey Pot

RGB 255 196 100



Defining the narrative.

flatfair's solution requires buy-in from tenants, estate agents and landlords — All three need to agree. Early in the project, we decided the best approach would be to create a series of segment-specific solutions pages, each with a unique signup flow. The new flatfair.co.uk delivers a  targeted proposition in layers — starting with a high-level narrative before guiding tenants, landlords and agents toward their own, tailored areas.

An authentic identity.

After working alongside flatfair's team and hearing what customers had to say about them, it became clear that their brand identity should communicate the convenience, simplicity and friendliness that people enjoyed most about their service. Today, flatfair tells its story through bright colours and engaging illustrations that authentically represent their company and set them apart from the conservative, legacy alternatives that operate in their space.