Rebranding the UK's leading legal platform.

We partnered with SeedLegals to update their brand identity and create a website that communicates their latest product positioning and subscription model.


In 2016, SeedLegals launched the world's first platform on which founders and investors could easily create, negotiate and sign all of the legal agreements needed to do a funding round — In less than three years, they became the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK. Today, their platform helps over 10,000 businesses startup, build their teams, manage equity, and much more.
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Our role

  • Brand Enhancement
  • Art Direction
  • Experience Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • Photo Production
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Starting, raising and growing.

Our project began with a question: How should SeedLegals distil its extensive feature list (including 100+ legal documents) into one straightforward narrative? We worked closely with SeedLegals' Founder, Anthony Rose and Head of Growth, Noelle Banquiche to form a view of the customer and validate our answer: Focusing on our customers' three primary objectives — Starting, Raising and Growing their businesses. This new framework inspired the entire user journey of their site.

Founders Grotesk


Founders Grotesk


Blue Genie

RGB 96 98 255

HEX #6062FF


RGB 35 229 175


Tibetan Yellow

RGB 252 224 0


Deep Sea

RGB 1 39 96

HEX #012760


A new visual language

With the strategy set, we shifted our focus to the SeedLegals brand, which was fundamentally strong but needed to be expanded if their team were to continue creating compelling new marketing assets. In collaboration with their in-house branding team, we designed a new visual language that felt like a natural extension of their existing brand. The evolved SeedLegals brand draws on elements of the Memphis design style and features a unique series of patterns, with flexible brand guidelines.