Accelerating the crypto economy.

We worked with the team at Trustology to design and develop a multi-channel customer journey for the release of their very first product, TrustVault.


Trustology is a fast-moving fintech startup dedicated to driving the adoption of crypto assets on a global scale. In 2019, they launched their first product, TrustVault — a secure custodial wallet service that enables crypto investors to transact with the speed, flexibility and security offered by today's fiat banking providers.
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Our role

  • Brand Application
  • Art Direction
  • Experience Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Accelerating the crypto economy

Our goal was to introduce Trustology and their latest solution, TrustVault, through a website that would resonate with several diverse customer segments — including consumers (with varying levels of technical understanding), businesses and financial institutions. This new site would be the cornerstone of their upcoming product launch, as well as their ongoing user acquisition plans.






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Validate the thinking

To ensure we delivered the TrustVault message correctly, we placed an outsized focus on team education and concept validation. Before production, we ran a series of onboarding workshops that gave the entire project team an in-depth understanding of what TrustVault was, how it worked, and the specific problems it solved for customers. Toward the end of the project, to validate our thinking, customer representatives from Trustology's target verticals were enlisted to help our team refine the structure, content and design of each critical product page.

A credible brand system

Metrics aside, this new website would also, in many cases, function as Trustology's first significant brand interaction. To ensure it accurately represented their team and vision, we designed an identity and visual language that describes the credibility of their team and the forward-thinking nature of the products they make.