Good News

Ben Wynn-Owen is Together’s new Brand Creative Director.

ben wynnowen

Together is pleased to announce that the talented Mr. Ben Wynn-Owen has joined the agency as our new Brand Creative Director.

Formerly Head of Experience Design at eminent brand and design consultancy DixonBaxi, Ben has in the last 20 years worked with a number of renowned international agencies, including Koto, Wieden + Kennedy, Rufus Leonard, Pollitt & Partners, and Octagon.

If asked nicely, Ben will admit that in the course of his career he’s helped build, develop and launch award-winning brands and experiences for big-name clients — BBC, Deliveroo, eBay, Google, ITV, Warner Bros, to name a few.

He’ll also reluctantly concede that as a Creative Director he’s helped guide and develop multiple creative teams to do his work for him while he looks over their shoulders, approvingly.

“It’s a very exciting time to be joining Together,” says Ben. “I’ve always thought of design and creativity as ways to solve business problems, rather than being about creating beautiful visuals, and that’s exactly where the agency has positioned itself.”

When not using design and creativity to solve business problems, Ben is usually to be found on the sideline of a football pitch in Hackney Marshes, conforming to stereotype by drinking a freshly brewed cup of single origin, pour-over coffee while watching his kids playing on the field.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Ben onboard,” says Cameron Day, Together’s CEO, looking absolutely delighted to be quoted in this news story. “Ben shares our enthusiasm for connected brand systems, designed to be particularly memorable in the places where customers spend most time with them,” adds Cameron, still looking delighted with where this quote is going.

“Ben’s arrival doubles our number of Creative Directors,” observes Will Beeching, Together’s founding Creative Director. “Which according to scientists means we’re now exactly twice as creative as before.”