Careers. You could join Together.

It’s all good.

Three good reasons why you should join us.

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Good work.

Working at Together means that some of the most interesting companies in tech will bring you some of their most challenging problems to solve. It won’t always be easy, but then again how fun would that be?

Good cheer.

Work a big part of life, and life is a big part of work. So we try really hard to make Together a place we all look forward to coming to five days a week. Or not coming to, as the case may be. (More on working remotely here below).

Good career.

Together doesn’t only build brands, websites and products. We also do our best to help our people build successful careers. Your professional growth is important to us. And we’re not just saying that.

Remotely possible.

Based in London, together everywhere.

Dev Team

Work your way.

In 2020, because of something that happened, Together went fully remote. And we decided to stay that way. Which means you can work from your kitchen, your sofa, or even that nice café where you think the barista probably has a crush on you.

Make yourself at home.

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. When you join Together, we give you a stipend of £500 to set up your ideal home office, including that weird chair everyone pretends to like.

Get together.

We may be fully remote, but we’re also Together. Once a month, we host an onsite get-together where we all get together to really get Together. An excellent excuse for firm handshakes, friendly backslaps and idle chatter.

The time of your life.

There’s more to life than work, apparently.

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Unlimited time off.

Everyone at Together gets unlimited time off. Because sometimes things happen and you need more than the minimum 28 days. All we ask is that you let us know a little bit in advance, if you can.

Love to learn.

Attend that conference, take that course, or do that workshop. You know, the one you always wanted to try. Everyone on our team gets an annual learning stipend of £500 to update their firmware.

Stay fit.

Pick a gym. Any gym. Together will happily buy you a full membership there. Whether you actually end up going is a different matter, and frankly none of our business.