Driving progress.

01 Masthead

Coast is a financial services platform specialised in solving problems for the fine people who operate fleet vehicles. While still in stealth mode, they asked us to help build a brand and website that would drive their business forward.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • UI/UX Design

The Client

Fleeting glory.

Billed as the financial services platform for the future of transportation, Coast was founded by an entrepreneur with an impressive track record of disruptive behaviour, and backed by a roster of investors who clearly know what they’re doing. When Coast asked us to help create a beautiful brand and website they were still in stealth mode, so we all had to go about it very quietly.

03 Card
04 Wallet
05 Drive

The Challenge

Coast is clear.

As a newcomer disrupting an industry full of comfortable incumbents with outdated practices and opaque pricing models, the founder of Coast wanted the company to enter the market like a breath of fresh air. Keywords: Clarity, modernity, transparency.

08 Pattern
09 Billboard

Keep calm and carry on. Easily distinguished by deep blue oceanic tones, Coast’s brand is designed to exude determined calmness and transparency in a sea of noise and confusion.

  • 10 B Card

    We worked with the legendary brand naming and language studio Tanj to create a logo that just made sense. What did the word ‘coast’ evoke? Smooth journeys. The ocean. Calm. It was around these core themes that the Coast logo was born.

  • 11 Colours

    Bright and optimistic vibes, and a blue so vibrant that it makes Coast’s card stand out in any wallet.

  • 12 Type

    A quirky, chunky variation of Founders Grotesk radiates friendly and down-to-earth professionalism.

  • 13 Photography

    A little more gritty and rugged than your average SaaS company, Coast keeps it real.

  • 14 Poster

    Plainspoken and straightforward, the voice takes its cue from Coast’s customers: local fleet owners across the United States.

  • 15 Icons

    Approachable and a little rough-edged, Coast’s illustrations are reminiscent of pen sketches on a notepad.

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The Website

A vehicle for marketing.

As the main expression of the brand and its elements, the website uses all the tools at its disposal to communicate Coast’s remarkable simplicity, clarity and transparency.

26 Website
27 Mobile
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29 Ipad Demo
32 Expenses


Coast to coast partnership.

As the company has grown and matured, its marketing efforts have proliferated. Our inital work on the brand and website has evolved into an ongoing partnership where we work with Coast’s team on everything from website updates, ad campaigns, and all kinds of printed material.

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With thanks to
Daniel Simon,
Alek Grinberg.