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Conductor is a tech company that helps marketers create content for you to find, and use to solve all your problems. With rather non-humble ambitions for growth, Conductor came to Together and politely suggested that we make the brand bigger.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Development
  • UI/UX Design
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Conductor is a sophisticaed digital platform for organic marketing, built for everyone in the business of making content. Conductor also happen to host a big name conference and multiple events on SEO and related topics. Enjoying a long-standing relationship with Together since 2019, they came to us when it was time to build a commanding, show-stopping brand.


"They have a knack for taking something complicated and making it simple and beautiful."


Lindsay Hagan

VP of Marketing

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Make it big.

Wanting to expand their reach to the enterprise level, Conductor was looking to add some oomph to their brand and emphasize some pretty fundamental differences from others in their space. Fittingly for a company focused on organic marketing, we leaned into natural evolution as a core creative concept.


Theory of evolution.

Conductor’s brand has an organic feel to it, with earthy colours, hand-drawn illustrations, and references to nature.

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    Visible pen strokes give illustrations an organic vibe.

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    A green and earthy colour palette.

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    The organic feel is counterbalanced with Visuelt, a fairly angular and straight-cut typeface that we first used for Conductor’s website in 2019.

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    We also created a huge library of icons in a hand-drawn style.


A site to see.

The main goal of the website was to squarely position Conductor as the heavyweight champion in SEO and organic marketing. With that in mind, we built a site to showcase Conductor’s deep subject matter expertise and promote their industry-leading events, while gently but firmly pushing users to convert.

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The big event.

In addition to their digital product, Conductor hosts a major annual conference on organic marketing, called C3. Every year has a different theme and with it an updated brand, website and various marketing materials.

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With thanks to
Lindsay Hagan,
AJ Kieffer,
and Allie Bhutani.