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Haven, not to be confused with heaven, is a platform that helps mortgage lenders better connect with borrowers. Needing its first-ever brand, we seemed like the partner of choice. And what a choice it turned out to be.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development

Safe haven.

Mortgage companies aren’t often viewed as the most friendly type. Not in Haven’s books, whose founders are on a mission to change this narrative for the better. By building a beautiful app where both parties can meet and discuss all manner of things (repayments, home value, and so on), Haven is rewriting the rulebook. All the tools were in place, they just needed a damn good brand to match.

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Where's the locksmith when you need one?

Haven needed a core angle to pivot from. A powerful idea to tell their story. Mortgages are complicated. Mortgages are downright expensive. Mortgages suck. We needed to show people there was another way. Championing Haven as The Locksmith (the key to a brighter future), we set out to build a visual and verbal identity that changed the face of mortgage lending forever.

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The Together team has great insight; they provide strategy and help us execute. Their team leads a collaborative and open-minded approach, so working with them has been a fantastic experience.


Nipun Kant

Co-founder, Haven

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Just like heaven.

What does the word Haven evoke? Safety. Refuge. Warmth. Home. Using shades of green, human illustrations, and various other treatments, our super smart brand designers put together a visual style that embodied everything Haven. Meanwhile, our business poets cut the verbiage and unnecessary fluff. Less nonsense, more new.

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Mortgage dept. Right this way.

For fresh startups like Haven, making websites that are easy to follow and understand is a top priority. Why complicate the uncomplicated? Starting with site architecture, we broke the experience down into a few key user journeys based on important personas and use cases. The result? A digital-first experience that leaves users oohing and aahing at every turn.

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With thanks to
Nipun Kant, Alison Service, Jonathan Choa
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