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Imagine a firm of venture capitalists who care less about making dollars than change. Not so easy, is it? Maybe that’s why Incite asked us to help tell their unusual story.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development

Value proposition.

Meet the unusual VCs behind Incite: Swati Mylavarapu, founding member of and partner at Kleiner Perkins, and Matt Rogers, cofounder of Nest and one of the engineers of the original iPhone. Their vision: to make the world a better place by investing in initiatives — startups, non-profits or even political action — that have the potential to incite the kind of radical positive change that aligns with their values. Not your typical venture capital firm, Incite wanted a brand and messaging that wouldn’t just explain who they are, but also inspire others to follow their example.

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Human capital.

As long-term investors who evaluate opportunities based on shared values and the greater good, it seemed in the spirit of Incite’s mission to put the spotlight on the initiatives they fund instead of the firm itself. So Incite’s brand strategy would be to tell its own story through the stories of the changemakers leading the startups, NGOs and political initiatives they invest in.

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Incite revolution. Inspired by the firm’s mission of inciting radical change we took visual cues from handwritten letters, placards and manifestos to create a visual identity inspired by change and movement.

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    The bold and the beautiful. Incite’s primary typeface GTF Plakat is perfect for slogans promising a better future. It pairs nicely with FT Polar, eminently suitable for practical body copy, and Almonde, a script font that captures the rawness of the moment.

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    Nailing the colours. A flag-like motif that complements Incite’s logo appears in a variety of settings, bringing contrast and tension to the brand’s visual language. Coupled with a palette blending vibrant accents and deep undertones with muted colours inspired by placards and craft paper.

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    Model citizens. Incite’s changemakers are captured in either photo-journalistic black and white, or textured colour to create a style which feels grounded and real.

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The incite story.

Hot off the presses, the new website puts the brand elements squarely to work, championing Incite’s portfolio of changemakers and their projects. It’s an uplifting story held up by three pillars: people, change and snowballs. (Yes, snowballs — the About Us page explains it all.) And as usual we did web development in-house, using Next.js, WordPress and Tailwind.

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With thanks to
Swati Mylavarapu, Matt Rogers and Keely Anson.
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