Capitalist toolkit.

Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that uses all kinds of data wizardry to help companies make more profitable decisions. Being big fans of profitable decisions ourselves, we were only too happy to help.

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Hi, finance.

Founded by a team of veterans from Palantir frustrated by the sorry state of finance software, Mosaic embarked on a mission to revolutionise the modern CFO’s toolkit. Their product: A Strategic Finance Platform that automatically collects and models important cross-functional data to help CFOs make more profitable decisions.

03 Product

Together took our brand to the next level.


Ryan Winemiller

Director of Growth, Mosaic

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Right on the money.

To take charge of the Strategic Finance category and connect with an audience of forward-thinking CFOs, Mosaic needed a polished, confident, no-nonsense brand and website. Chess, the ultimate game of strategy, emerged as a core creative concept, along with that sacred workhorse of financial types, the spreadsheet.

Strategy Chess 5
05 Busstop

Knights of the Excel table.

Using the ancient and noble game of chess as an anchoring concept was an inspired move, even if we do say so ourselves. Especially with the addition of both overt and subtle visual references to the spreadsheets in which a lot of CFOs’ heads are buried all day.

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Slot Machine
Wrecking Ball
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Strategy Billboard

Creative accounting.

Mosaic’s website is where we tell the story of the old and the new. The narrative contrasts today’s unhelpful tools — manual updates, #REF! errors, things not loading, data all over the place, no complete picture — with Mosaic, riding a rainbow unicorn at the end of the tunnel.

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Together 4ever.

Since the launch of Mosaic’s brand and website, Together has worked with their team to further develop the brand, and to produce juicy material for the various marketing channels where Mosaic maintains a presence.

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With thanks to
Joe Garafalo,
Ryan Winemiller,
Casey Manley,
and George Fullerton.