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A team of fintech founders knocked on our door not too long ago, without a name, a brand, a website, or even a fully formed product interface. Four months later, Rainforest was ready to make it rain.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX Design

From zero to hero.

Rainforest is a fintech startup that lets tech companies plop fully functional payment modules into their products without having to worry about things like ops and compliance. Still in stealth mode when they came to us, they had no name, no brand, no website, and a product that was still in the works. You’ll never guess what happened next.

01 billboard
02 dashboard
03 website

First-name basis.

With echoes of growth, connectivity, and ecosystems, the name “Rainforest” was the fruit of a collaboration with naming agency Tanj. After that, things flowed organically, from the digital-first brand to the brand-led product, culminating with the product-focused website. A fine example of our integrated approach, even if we do say so ourselves.

04 billboard
05 ui
rainforest phone
07 card

Act naturally.

With growth, empowerment and infrastructure as the core concepts, nature was a perfect metaphor for Rainforest’s brand elements.

  • 08 type

    Top banana. Rainforest’s main typeface is the simple, versatile and appropriately named Banana Grotesk.

  • 08 graphic

    Earth tones. The organic greens and warm oranges in Rainforest’s colour palette give the brand a friendly and earthy quality.

  • 09 iconography

    Signs of life. A suite of custom icons in combinations of green with subtle textures for a rich, tactile feel.

  • 10 photography

    In the wild. Lifestyle photography with a warm and natural tone shows users engaging with Rainforest’s product.

  • 11 font

    Natural language. Rainforest’s brand voice builds on the idea of growth.

What if money really does grow on trees?

With branding and product taken care of, Rainforest’s marketing website goes to work, telling the story of a B2B fintech platform that solves money problems by moving, connecting, and generally greasing the wheels of commerce and industry. All designed and developed by our own devs with our go-to tech stack.

12 web
13 iphone
14 ui

Intelligent design.

Digital-first branding flows naturally into brand-led product design. Building Rainforest’s new user interface, we integrated elements like colours and typography, methodically bringing the brand to life in the product itself.

15 auth
16 product
With thanks to
Becky Kopplin and Joshua Silver.