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Long before anyone had heard of ChatGPT, three data scientists at Princeton decided to build a bespoke generative AI to help the world’s leading financial firms turn complexity into clarity, data into intelligence, and intelligence into money. Fast forward to late 2023, and Rogo was almost ready to ship. But first, they asked us to create a distinctive brand that would connect all the strands of their customer experience, from marketing to the product itself.

What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Product Experience
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Framing the narrative.

To position Rogo as the powerful thinking partner for every self-respecting lord of finance (as opposed to just another productivity tool), we developed a connected brand experience built on the core creative concept of “The Frame.” A foundational element that runs through all aspects of the brand, The Frame shows up everywhere from Rogo’s user interface to its logo, pixel perfect and working at all scales.

It’s all connected.

From user interface elements to typographic details, the DNA of Rogo’s brand is evident in the strong family resemblance at every touchpoint and every step of the customer journey.

  • citation

    Citation needed. Rogo’s source references are a prime example of a branded moment within a product.

  • colours

    Make it pop. A stark base palette with bursts of colour to highlight and accent data.

  • typography

    Read-only. A clean, super-legible sans serif serves as a primary typeface, paired with a more technical mono for extra clarity.

  • people power

    People power. Photography is natural and warmly lit, to contrast with the generally stark aesthetic of the brand system.

  • iconography

    Iconography. Simple, clean and legible, with a nod to the geometry of the logo.

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Make the Rogo bigger.

Built for growth, Rogo’s website is designed to tell — and sell — the story of the product to its potential users, using their own language, and focusing on the benefits, features and use cases that resonate in the world of finance. The familiar brand elements are present, including a prominent use of The Frame. The aesthetic is minimalistic and deliberately designed to age well.
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Product placement.

The primary surface of Rogo’s customer experience is their digital product, so baking their brand into the product becomes especially important. A brand that’s built to live in a product also gives designers opportunities for novel brand expressions, such as animation, cursor behaviour, haptic feedback, and even sounds.

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Open the pod bay doors, Rogo.

Rogo officially launched in early 2024, armed with a hyper-legible, functional and recognisable brand, and a website that tells a story of moving from complexity to clarity. In addition to pre-seed funding from some of New York City’s most prestigious VCs, the company recently raised an additional $7m, and is already working with a host of big names in banking and corporate finance.
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With thanks to
Gabriel Stengel and Henry Bartis.