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SeedLegals helps founders start companies, raise cash, and hire talent. All without a lawyer. When we met, they were the UK’s largest closer of funding rounds. That was in 2018. We’re still best friends.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
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The bright seed of life.

Where many see fruitless ideas, SeedLegals see opportunity. Their goal: automate the legals founders need to grow their business. Loved by tens of thousands of startups and investors, the crew at SeedLegals needed a brand that showed their worth and did their business justice. We waited with open arms.

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They say the perfect triangle doesn’t exist.

SeedLegals had a knack for spotting that next big thing. They just didn’t have the brand to match. Working alongside their founder, Anthony, we put together a strategic framework that connected SeedLegals’ 15+ solutions with three core customer objectives: starting, raising and growing.

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Sowing seeds of success.

As SeedLegals helps budding companies sow seeds of growth, we helped SeedLegals find their roots. From its chunky typeface (aptly named Founders Grotesk) to its colourful geometric shapes, the brand is designed to look great everywhere. Whether that’s on a piece of paper or a HD screen.

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You asked for conversions.

We shaped the website experience around the hallowed triangle of start-raise-grow. Helping users go from A to B and beyond. Everything from SeedLegals’ simplified product story and resource hub, to their early-stage funding calculator, speaks to attention to detail, legal know-how, and commitment to founder success.

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With thanks to
Anthony Rose, the SeedLegals team
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Growth engine optimization.
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