You shall not password.

01 Stytch

Stytch is an authentication platform for developers that makes passwords a thing of the past. It’s also a pretty successful company that needed a brand to match. You’ll never guess what happened next.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development

The Client

Please exit your password.

Where many would see stolen or weak passwords as a big problem, the founders of Stytch saw a big opportunity. Their goal: solve authentication once and for all, and become the go-to developer platform for authentication products. They had the ambition, the technology and the funding. All they needed was a stronger brand.

One Time
06 Internet Without Hassle
07 Hat
Magic Links

The Challenge

Stytching it all together.

Having ascended to unicorn status, it was time for Stytch to get itself a brand and website that did it justice. Something that would clarify their product strategy, strategically position the company as the all-in-one authentication platform, as well as appeal to all those enterprise customers who stand to gain the most from implementing bulletproof authentication. You know, the usual.

11 Web Authn
09 Passwordless

The Brand

Brand aid. Stytch came to us with some of the basic building blocks of a brand in place, but as a whole, the experience was missing something. We made it our priority to clarify and simplify — making it cohesive, easy to understand, and actionable, especially for Stytch’s primary audience, developers.

  • Type
  • Illo
  • Colours
  • Icon
12 No More Passcodes
16 Piggybank
17 Bag
18 Team
24 Internet Without Hassle
23 Illustration 5
20 Illustration 2
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The Website

Cloak of visibility.

For an ingredient brand like Stytch (built to be integrated into other products), a lot of the messaging was geared towards making the invisible visible. (Think “Intel Inside.”) We wanted the website to tell a really interesting and interactive story of a hero’s journey that would position Stytch as the ultimate magic wand that makes all problems go away.

25 Auth Platform For Fintech
26 Icons
27 Sign Up
28 Email Magic Links
29 User Email Address
30 Get Started
31 Internet Without Hassle
32 Simple And Secure
33 Boost Security
34 Ada Lovelace


Next, please.

As one would expect from a company of developers, Stytch’s team had strong opinions about their site. Our developers were happy to adopt their tech stack for the build, using Next.js 12, a powerful framework with great performance and flexibility.

With thanks to
Julianna Lamb,
Reed McGinley-Stempel,
Aiden Forrest,
Ali Pulver.

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