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On their journey from scrappy open-source project to premium secure connectivity tool for enterprises, Tailscale stopped by to ask us for help. The goal: Level up their online presence without losing what had made them great to begin with.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
01 Homelab

Remotely possible.

With roots in the open-source community, Tailscale had built a world-class product for remotely connecting users, services, resources and devices in a secure, scalable way. Armed with investment from Accel, CRV, Insight Partners, Heavybit Industries and Uncork Capital, it was time for the company to boldly stake its claim to the enterprise market.

02 About

Ready for the big time.

To position itself as a serious contender, Tailscale wanted to close the gap between the market potential of its product and its perception as a scrappy open-source project. With solid fundamentals, the company asked us to help tweak their story for a more corporate audience, without alienating their grassroots community of developers, or radically altering the identity that had served it so well.

03 Homepage

Good story, well told. Tailscale’s website is designed to highlight use cases and benefits, simultaneously speaking to multiple different types of users, from individual developers and teams to multinational corporations.

04 Phone
05 Diagram
06 Diagram

Time to glow up.

With a charmingly unfussed, home-made feel, Tailscale’s original brand and website were pretty simple and minimal — lots of white space, basic typefaces and limited use of colours and shapes. Aiming for an evolution rather than a revolution, our strategy was to tread lightly, building on the foundations of the existing brand and elevating them in subtle ways.

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09 Laptop

Shifting the narrative.

While the visual design of Tailscale’s website is more of a subtle update, the big shift is in the narrative and the intended audience. The new website tells the story of a world-class SaaS product, flexible and easily integrated into any tech stack, approved by the developer community, and trusted by everyone from Duolingo to Instacart and Airbus.

10 Icons
11 Code
12 Phone
13 Networking
14 Diagram
15 Cards

Building blocks. While white remains dominant, we used colours from Tailscale’s new palette throughout for differentiation. A consistent set of shapes also runs through the site, in some places combining to create larger supergraphics. The cherry on top are the Rive animations, with artful interactions and fast load times. The whole thing was built by Together’s developers, using Sanity and Next.js/Tailwind.

16 Slider
17 Resources
18 VPN
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21 News
With thanks to
Aileen Allen and Blake Mattos.