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Unit helps companies build banking services into their products. It's a good story, and Together has helped to tell it.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Development

"Together has been an essential partner in developing our brand and building out our website. We think of them as an extension of our team."


John Minervini

Content Marketing Lead, Unit

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The Client


Unit is a banking-as-a-service platform that empowers companies to build banking into their products. Headquartered in New York City and Tel Aviv, they are backed by top investors including Insight Partners, Accel, and Better Tomorrow Ventures.


"Usually there’s a product that we can bring to the forefront and visualise. With Unit, it’s all hidden away inside other products. Our biggest challenge was creating something visual for a product that people never see."


Will Beeching

Creative Director, Together

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The Challenge

Build banking better.

We partnered with Unit in 2021. Their goal was to position themselves as a trusted financial-services infrastructure company (think Stripe or Square). In the short term, that meant evolving their brand, refining their product positioning, and building a new website to communicate their vision for the future of financial services.

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The Brand

Not just for fintechs. Most platforms offering banking-as-a-service speak primarily to financial technology startups, but Unit knows that their products are relevant to a much wider audience. They are speaking to builders at software companies of all shapes and sizes. Logical, clear and utilitarian, their brand is about creating value for end-customers.

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    Pivoting away from traditional FinTechs (think primary blues and greens…) we created a vibrant visual language for a company that was doing something a little different.

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    The mesh gradients (not boring linear gradients) act as a metaphor for money flowing from place to place.

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    We chose to go for a sleek sans serif that harked back to the developer feeling: flat descenders, slightly chunky.

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The Website

Visualizing banking infrastructure.

How do you represent a product that most end-customers never actually see? We worked with Unit to show their banking products in real life, across a variety of use cases and scenarios.

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Web Development

Choosing the right CMS.

Working with Unit, we selected Webflow as a backend to power their website. It allows the marketing team to easily maintain the site and build new pages using components we created for them. So their team can keep the site up to date on a self-serve basis.

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With thanks to
Louise Ng,
Itai Damti,
John Minervini,
Jeff Lesser.

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