Wehype connects gaming influencers with brands that want in on the action. Needing a robust brand that would speak to both, they came to us, naturally.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development

Level up.

Wehype is a gaming influencer platform connecting streamers with brands that would like to have a word or two with their audiences. Founded by hardcore gamers dead set on becoming leaders in their field, Wehype asked us to help evolve their brand and calibrate their marketing pitch for the perfect balance between brands and creators.

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The stuff that streams are made of.

Like many platforms that connect two different audiences with contrasting expectations and interests, Wehype had struggled to find an angle that would resonate with both streamers and brands. Finding that balance and striking the right tone became the central creative challenge for the project.

25 accepted creators

This was a real passion project for our team. We all grew up playing games and experiencing streaming culture. The synergy was real.


Will Beeching

Creative Director, Together

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Notorious RGB.

On the hunt for a visual anchor, our brand designers took inspiration from the bold RGB light rigs that serious gamers use to create an immersive gaming experience. (Which is a marketing person’s way of saying they’re cool.) RGB became the brand’s guiding light, so to speak.

  • colours

    Gamers like bold and exciting, brands like gravitas and trust. Mix it all together and you’ve got WeHype’s color palette.

  • colour

    Inspired by gaming rig lighting we added some juicy gradient effects to Wehype’s color scheme.

  • 12 typeface clash display

    Clash Display is a bold and quirky typeface full of personality and character.

Ready player one.

Scientific studies have confirmed that gaming is, in fact, fun. So it would have been a real shame to make a boring website for Wehype. Instead, we created a fun, fast, colourful, immersive and interactive experience that would excite even the most jaded members of our audience of marketers and influencers.

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stay ahead

Top gear.

To build Wehype’s site we used a tried and trusted stack. WordPress gives the client flexibility to change content and make new pages that stay true to the design. Gatsby and React decouple the site from the CMS and enable better performance. And Framer Motion, an open-source motion library for React, swoops in to create all those cool animations.

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With thanks to
Maria Pennelle, Henrik Roos, Robin Åström
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