Creative Developer

Hey, we’re Together, a creative agency that helps technology companies connect with their customers. We create brands, products and websites that are seen by millions of people around the world. But enough about us, this is about you.

You’re a senior designer thinking of joining the team. You love what you do and are constantly striving to break new ground. You love designing brands, websites and products that are beautiful, fresh and above all else, delightful to interact with.

You know that great things aren’t created in isolation, so you’re an excellent communicator and team player. If you’re ready to get stuck in, grow fast and push the bar higher for design, tech and people all over the world (seriously), Together might be the right place for you.



  • You're a good developer with experience. You love your craft and you’ve honed your skill over 3 or more years. 
  • You care about design. Coding is your thing, but you appreciate aesthetics.
  • You care about the experience. Not everyone can code as well as you, so you make sure your CMS setups, such as WordPress, are nice and easy to use. 
  • You dream in JavaScript. Vue.js (Nuxt) & React (Gatsby) take you on adventures.
  • People think you're a hacker. Your terminal is always open with Webpack, and your family constantly ask you to fix their printer. 
  • You love using the latest things. Internet Explorer, amirite?
  • You make things pop. You've dabbled in animating objects to fly around using Anime.js or GSAP.
  • You love not having to write CSS. Utility first frameworks (TailwindCSS) ftw.
  • You're an independent developer who don't need no man. You're comfortable building things from start the finish.
  • You like people. This doesn't mean you're an extrovert, but you work well with others on the team and can communicate in plain English to clients. 
  • You dare people to resize their browser. Responsive code, yo!
  • You don't hate design tools. Well, not that much.
  • You're a bit of a Git..Hub nerd. Hey, you said it not us.
  • You hate FTP. Continuous integration makes the world a better place. 
  • You're not the finished article. You're organised, know your craft, but always looking to learn. 

There are also a few perks

  • Flexible work, forever
  • Competitive salary
  • Choose-your-own tech setup
  • Unlimited holiday when you need it

Don't overthink it.