Can-do attitude.

After years of massive growth, Bigtincan’s old brand was starting to hold the company back. It was time to do something about it. Something big.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Product UI/UX
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The Client

Big deal.

Bigtincan is an absolutely huge sales enablement company that helps global brands deliver better buying experiences to their customers. After a decade of fast growth and several acquisitions, their team decided to embark on a major brand and repositioning project to solidify Bigtincan’s place as a market leader.

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"Together took our product positioning, messaging, and brand expression to a new level"


Pam Dearen

VP Marketing, Bigtincan


The Challenge

Back to the future.

To bring Bigtincan’s brand back into sync with the reality of its business, we worked with their team to rethink their product story, roll out a new brand, and launch a conversion-boosting website. The concept for the updated brand grew out of the idea of “the buying experience of the future.”


The Brand

Step into your office. Their new brand elements (especially the colour palette) are designed to communicate peace of mind and clarity. Bigtincan tidies up a salesperson’s cluttered digital desk, before giving them a single well-ordered place for everything they need to do their work. Much better.

  • Colour

    An earthy colour palette contrasts with the saturated blues used by several competitors.

  • 13 Type

    The extremely readable sans-serif grotesk, Matter is professional, yet quirky.

  • 3D

    The desk of the future, sumptuously recreated in 3D.

  • 14 Photography

    Friendly and professional, Bigtincan’s people face the camera with warm smiles and pastel backgrounds.

  • 15 Icons

    Simple line art with occasional pops of colour and hand-drawn strokes for emphasis.

  • 3D Icons

    Abstracted 3D's for extra pop.

  • TOV

    A playful, human tone of voice.

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The Website

The greatest story ever sold.

Closely aligned with the brand, Bigtincan’s new website tells the story of the buying experience of the future. The contrast between the old and new ways of working is an ongoing narrative theme, with Bigtincan presented as the bridge between the two.

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Ongoing Partnership

We could go on.

Beyond the launch of the new brand and website, our partnership with Bigtincan continues unabated on many fronts, with updates and additions to the site, A/B testing of features, ebook cover design, and more.

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With thanks to
Pam Dearen,
Rusty Bishop,
Brandon Vasciannie,
Jonathan Pace.