Connecting the dots.

Peregrine uses data technology to help public safety services connect more dots and see more patterns. The tech was there but the brand was missing. It seemed like a case for Together.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Website
Peregrine Logo
Mobile Brand

Everything in order.

Peregrine is a pioneering public safety platform that helps police, emergency services and criminal justice take better decisions by assimilating and making sense of vast amounts of data. An early stage startup founded by veterans from tech giant Palantir, Peregrine asked us to help build its brand and fine-tune its positioning.

06 Photography
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Information in formation.

Peregrine’s technology gives public safety agencies unprecedented power to connect dots and react to events. Eager to avoid the connotations that plague some of their competitors, Peregrine wanted a brand that would show off the prowess of their technology while having respect for privacy, civil liberties and community service at its core.

Peregrine Brand Concept

An open and shut case.

Peregrine had a logo but the brand wasn’t there yet. Our design for their identity aimed to balance their technological prowess with the human outcomes. We settled on a core concept of “breakthrough moments," highlighting how Peregrine pulls together real-time data from different sources to help public safety agencies react faster to events as they happen.

Less talk. More action.

Our brand designers developed a visual language that spoke the language of public safety — shaping the typeface, colour palette and suite of graphics around the idea of action.

  • 10 Type

    Archia from Atipo Foundry mixes rounded forms and technological characteristics and sets the tone for Peregrine's identity.

  • 11 Colour

    Dark and earthy hues ground the brand, with more vibrant colors to portray speed, efficiency and action.

  • 12 Photography

    Shots of police and emergency services in action, treated to match Peregrine’s color palette.

  • 13 City

    Animated cityscapes show Peregrine connecting disparate data sources in real-time.

  • 14 Illustration
08 Interoperable
09 Bus
16 Social

A human touch.

For the website, our goal was to balance technology with humanity, showing not just abstract images of the digital product itself, but also actual public safety personnel in action. Micro-animations illustrate the real-time nature of Peregrine's platform, with 3D cityscapes and isometric illustrations reinforcing the narrative.

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With thanks to
Nick Noone,
Ben Rudolph,
and Morgan Hitzig.