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Setpoint helps PropTechs offer super smart real estate products. Together helps Setpoint connect with their target customers. It’s a good relationship.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Development
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On point.

Getting on the property ladder is challenging at the best of times. Where many say ‘bad luck’, Setpoint say ‘we’re here to help’. Coming to us as a seed-stage startup, the folks at Setpoint needed a brand and marketing site to launch themselves into the arms of their customers: PropTechs who offer bridge loans (like buy with cash and buy before you sell) to new homebuyers. Time to start climbing.

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Hide and seek.

Emerging out of stealth mode, it was high time for Setpoint to flex its muscles. To build a brand that would position the company as a fledgling startup that was here to stay. Being the guys that build the infrastructure (rather than the front-end stuff), creating something that placed Setpoint in the background became a key creative challenge for the project.

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Set in stone.

Setpoint came to us with a dream, but not a brand. Like a meticulous engineer, Setpoint lays the foundations of modern real estate. Taking this idea as a central reference, our brand designers used all kinds of artistic wizardry to create foundation-related visual metaphors (The lithosphere-asthenosphere, or something like that.). The logo, reminiscent of building blocks and a percentage sign, embodies everything Setpoint stands for: form, function, and flipping good products.

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Digital real estate.

Finding one’s place on the world wide web is tricky, especially for a fresh-faced startup. We built a website with crystal clear messaging, making it as easy as possible for users to achieve their goals on the site. We wanted the website to serve as Setpoint’s manifesto and raison d'être — positioning the company as the crystal ball that promised brighter futures for businesses and consumers alike.

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With thanks to
Stuart Wall, Priya Shah, Sam Lauffenburger
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Good mortgage.
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